I am an English writer, fortunate enough to live in Poland, and this is a blog on which to shape and polish thoughts that sit about my cluttered consciousness. To introduce myself and it, here are some subjects that absorb me…

  • Agnosticism Which I hope to form into a more assured opinion
  • Art In which everything valuable is enshrined
  • Bias Man is not a very rational animal
  • Cities Which shape us as much as we shape them
  • Conservatism Because civilisation does not maintain itself
  • Cricket Just because
  • Crime Human extremes are interesting
  • History Our age is a few metres in a marathon
  • Martial Arts Courage, strength and adrenaline
  • Nature In landscapes, plants and animals we find ourselves
  • Postrationality Men are creatures of hearts as much as brains
  • Science Why guess if you can test?
  • Technological Progress It is interested in us
  • Tradition Death need not entail redundancy
  • Work By which I mean my writing, or the lack of it

If these are of interest I hope you will visit again. Now the ice is broken this may also be amusing.

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One Response to Welcome

  1. This is such a great list!


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