Decadent Conservatism…

Progressive censoriousness concerning sex, sexuality and multiculturalism has spread along avenues of Western social life to the point that it has aroused new enemies. Where video gamers might have opposed traditionalists who disliked the rampant violence of their entertainment they now rise up against liberals who dislike its portrayal of women. Many of these critics have been libertarians – by principle or disposition – but some of them represent “decadent conservatism”. Decadent conservatives appreciate that self-indulgent lifestyles – whether they involve gaming or sex parties – depend on a structure of time-tested institutions that allow them to be rich, safe and free enough to get their kicks. Now, I am in no position to be too severe about what men and women do in their private lives. I am no priest. But to use an appropriate modern metaphor, decadence is like drinking – it leads to a hangover. Just as drunks end up with nausea, headaches and gloom, decadence ends up with alienation, loneliness and cultural coarsening and impoverishment. Traditional conservative attachments to arts, faith, the neighbourhood, the family and the good life – however controversial the concept – are intended to prevent this – or, at least, ease the effects.

About bsixsmith

I am a writer of stories and poems - published by Every Day Fiction, The London Journal of Fiction, 365 Tomorrows and Det Poetiske Bureau - and a columnist for Quillette, Areo and Bombs & Dollars.
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