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According to Action on Elderly Abuse, between 500,000 and 800,000 older people in the UK experience abuse each year, with physical abuse and neglect the most common types of abuse reported. I long for sleep, I long for death As … Continue reading

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Why Christopher Hitchens Was a Loser…

Christopher Hitchens will fade into history, for essays are ephemeral and talk shows and talk shows quadruply so. Still, we shall remember him – “we” being those one-time eager and impressionable young men and women who were inspired by his … Continue reading

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The Virtues of Staying Quiet…

“Whereof one cannot speak,” wrote Wittgenstein in Tractatus, “Thereof must one be silent.” The immediacy and excitement of social media and online journalism have encouraged people to ignore this and hold forth on everything. Mouthing off with insufficient knowledge of … Continue reading

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On Middlebrow Epistemology…

The social critic Dwight Macdonald coined the term “Midcult”: a pejorative name for that middlebrow culture which, he claimed, apes mass culture, reproducing “the formula, the built-in reaction [and] the lack of any standard except popularity” but “decently covers them … Continue reading

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