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Platitudes and Poetitudes…

A platitude is an assertion of limited truth content but great emotional appeal. A poetitude is an assertion of limited truth content but great aesthetic appeal. Consider this, from a Paris Review interview with Auden… INTERVIEWER You’ve insisted we do … Continue reading

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Iraq and Responsibility…

Advocates and sympathisers of the invasion of Iraq have long observed that most civilian deaths were caused not by Coalition troops but by jihadists and sectarian guerrilas. This does not absolve our elites of responsibility. Dismantling the civil infrastructure of … Continue reading

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Defend Jeremy Corbyn! (On One Point, At Least…)

I think my record of creatively insulting Jeremy Corbyn and his politics speaks for itself, suffice to say that I would rather be exiled to the loneliest and coldest little enclave of Siberia than see him droning on about Palestine … Continue reading

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Great Emergencies of Life…

What a time to be alive. If David Bowie had died this week rather than in January his death would have been a footnote rather than front page news. David Cameron’s resignation has plunged the Conservative Party into a blackly … Continue reading

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