A Diversity Paradox…

I was morbidly amused to see, towards the end of a BBC article on the murder of an Ahmadi Muslim by a Sunni Muslim, in Glasgow, for alleged blasphemy, a reference to a spokesman of the Council of Mosques in Bradford who has implied that the whole business could have been avoided if Britain had done the sensible thing and imposed a blasphemy law. This sinister, self-serving claim illuminates the fact that multicultural societies can become more rigid and intolerant, on some matters at least, than more homogenous societies, in order to keep its different elements from conflicting. In this case I hope that our spines will stiffen.

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I am a writer of stories and poems - published by Every Day Fiction, The London Journal of Fiction, 365 Tomorrows and Det Poetiske Bureau - and a columnist for Quillette, Areo and Bombs & Dollars.
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2 Responses to A Diversity Paradox…

  1. The Overton Catflap says:

    In Glasgow, not Bradford, though the killer came from there.


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