On Normalisation…

Progressives delude themselves into believing that the media have “normalised” nationalist politicians. Andrew Marr, for example, is being attacked for interviewing Marine Le Pen. It is in fact world events that have “normalised” such a politician: once abnormal problems have become almost predictable so once abnormal solutions appear less deviant. In the past five years terrorists have slaughtered French soldiers, schoolchildren, cartoonists, concertgoers, pedestrians and priests. The public has been told to accept this as the “new normal”. Lamenting the fact that this strange and frightening situation makes once abnormal ideas and ideologues seem compelling to them I can accept but if you cannot understand it then you do not have the faintest chance of swaying them. You are not thinking like a normal person.

About bsixsmith

I am a writer of stories and poems - published by Every Day Fiction, The London Journal of Fiction, 365 Tomorrows and Det Poetiske Bureau - and a columnist for Quillette, Areo and Bombs & Dollars.
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