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Seven Signs of Bad Conspiracy Theories…

I’m very open to a bit of conspiracy theorising. Yes, I know my MKUltra from my COINTELPRO. I still doubt that Megrahi did the Lockerbie bombings. World Trade Center 7 did look weird as it came down. I even suspect … Continue reading

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Tip-toeing round the foreign church I take a timid photograph And wander up the aisles in search Of interesting epitaphs. I gaze about the gold and brass Statues of angels, Christ and kings And look around chromatic glass To see … Continue reading

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The McMahons and the American Dream…

I cackled at this Republican’s analysis of the reaction to Linda McMahon, wife of WWE chairman Vince McMahon, being made Donald Trump’s head of Small Business Administration. In a way he’s right. The McMahons are geniuses. They built a multi-billion … Continue reading

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The Extreme Centre…

What does it mean to be “moderate” or a “centrist”? As far as I can tell it means to support supranational institutions, globalisation, mass immigration, social liberalism and some sort of Wilsonian interventionism. This is “moderate” only because it has … Continue reading

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Enemies to the Right…

The absurd idea that one should have “no enemies to the right” is based on the absurd idea that progressives do not police their ranks. Only people with no knowledge of the left could think this. Take Noam Chomsky: by … Continue reading

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