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That Blasted Election…

Donald Trump is a boor, a cheat and an apparently pathological liar. He claims to represent ordinary Americans yet has bullied and conned them throughout his career. Vera Coking, for example, refused to sell her house to him when he … Continue reading

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The Alt-Right and the Triumph of Trolling…

Trolling has always existed on the Internet, but it was on 4Chan that it became a fine art. Young, bright and often disaffected teenagers sought out the sensitive, the unstable and the sacred in order to inflame emotions and enjoy … Continue reading

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Boot in Mouth…

The neoconservative ideologue Max Boot laments the Republican anti-intellectualism that has, he says, “culminated in the nomination of Donald J. Trump”. In recent years, he claims, “the Republicans’ relationship to the realm of ideas has become more and more attenuated … Continue reading

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