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Sad Old Man Syndrome…

I’m perversely fascinated with the Twitter biography of leave.EU communications director Andy Wigmore. Where to start? I thought only ageing masochists called themselves “bad boys” – and if he thinks Trump feels anything more than vague insecurity about his hair … Continue reading

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Neither Forgiving Nor Forgetting…

Sinn Féin, under the leadership of Adams and McGuinness, pulled off a neat trick, earning praise for their role in ending Northern Irish violence while escaping blame for having caused it in the first place. It makes a lot sense … Continue reading

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Poundshop Patriotism…

In some ways, the idea of a Royal Yacht is an effective metaphor for Britain. We have all but given up on the Royal Navy, once a symbol of British innovation, adventurousness and power, but we might invest in a … Continue reading

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Hitchens, Hell and Hashish…

I am a big admirer of the Mail on Sunday columnist Peter Hitchens. He helped as much as anyone to make me a conservative. I read him, as a progressive, to be outraged by his opinions on gays and immigrants, … Continue reading

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A.C.’s Failings…

I am really enjoying the radicalisation of the once-complacent, smug and optimistic humanist elite. Seriously, AC Grayling’s thunderous tirades against “Brexit” are admirably spirited and engaging. True, they are still full of absurdities. Take this: Too many people were disenfranchised: … Continue reading

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Reverend Fraser and the Cult of Giles…

I feel sure that Giles Fraser, the Church of England priest and Guardian columnist, is a nice man: a loving husband, a devoted father and a loyal friend. But with such authority it is not enough to be nice, and … Continue reading

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What is Patriotism?

Even by asking the question we display a cold, abstract quality in ourselves, for it is an emotion more than it is an idea. Nonetheless, the question is often asked so it should be answered. A nation is akin to … Continue reading

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The Migration Mess…

I feel for the migrants who arrived in Britain this week. They smiled and waved for the cameras, happy to see a warm welcome, unaware of the hatred their faces would inspire. Maybe some of them are lying about their … Continue reading

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The Meaning and Meaninglessness of Brexit…

I don’t vote in British elections because I don’t live in Britain. Even if I did, however, I would have had a tough time choosing between Leave and Remain. The problem with the Leave campaign, I think, is that it … Continue reading

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“Even the Conservative Peter Oborne…”

Jeremy Corbyn’s re-election as Leader of the Labour Party, Peter Oborne writes, “has vindicated everything he has ever done and said as a man and a politician”. No, it hasn’t. The support of a majority of Britain’s socialist does not … Continue reading

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