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The Marxist Philosopher, In His Own World…

The failure of communism in Eastern Europe, and the failure of Western Europe to become communist, left Marxists disillusioned and resentful. They turned, increasingly, to internationalism, projecting their ambitions onto peoples in the third world, with, in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, … Continue reading

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Jonathan Bowden, a Force of Nature…

Though the alternative right largely consists of young men, it draws on the ideas of old men and, indeed, dead men: long dead, like Friedrich Nietzsche and Julius Evola, and more recently dead, like Samuel Francis, Joe Sobran and an … Continue reading

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Atomised Ethnonationalists…

To put whiteness at the core of one’s identity is to imagine oneself as possessing some kind of deep kinship with Slavic miners, Sardinian olive farmers, New York real estate agents, Swedish academics, Texan ranchers, Belgian chocolatiers and Westminster politicians. … Continue reading

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