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Atomised Ethnonationalists…

To put whiteness at the core of one’s identity is to imagine oneself as possessing some kind of deep kinship with Slavic miners, Sardinian olive farmers, New York real estate agents, Swedish academics, Texan ranchers, Belgian chocolatiers and Westminster politicians. … Continue reading

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Ideology and Scale…

What do Marxists, fascists, Islamists and liberals have in common? This is not some cheap joke. There is one thing. They all exaggerate the scale of people’s loyalties, to their class, their race, their faith and, well, their fellow man; … Continue reading

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How Abnormal Journalists Normalise Abnormal Ideologues…

It has struck me there is, contrary to what I suggested in a previous post, an element of “normalisation” that goes on when mainstream journalists interview radical right wing figures. Journalists are abnormally sensitive to expressions of nationalism or traditionalism, … Continue reading

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In Defence of James Burnham, Who Barely Needs It…

Conservatives tend to admire James Burnham for two books published around the middle of the 20th century: The Managerial Revolution and The Machiavellians. In the former Burnham argued that a class of corporate managers and governmental bureaucrats would become dominant … Continue reading

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What is Patriotism?

Even by asking the question we display a cold, abstract quality in ourselves, for it is an emotion more than it is an idea. Nonetheless, the question is often asked so it should be answered. A nation is akin to … Continue reading

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Neo-Liberalism Through Conservative Eyes…

Madsen Pirie of the Adam Smith Institute has written an elegant, illuminating article on seeing the world through “neo-liberal eyes”. The ASI has embarked on an ambitious attempt to reclaim “neo-liberalism” to denote an optimistic individualism that upholds the virtues … Continue reading

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Why Christopher Hitchens Was a Loser…

Christopher Hitchens will fade into history, for essays are ephemeral and talk shows and talk shows quadruply so. Still, we shall remember him – “we” being those one-time eager and impressionable young men and women who were inspired by his … Continue reading

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