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In Defence of James Burnham, Who Barely Needs It…

Conservatives tend to admire James Burnham for two books published around the middle of the 20th century: The Managerial Revolution and The Machiavellians. In the former Burnham argued that a class of corporate managers and governmental bureaucrats would become dominant … Continue reading

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What is Patriotism?

Even by asking the question we display a cold, abstract quality in ourselves, for it is an emotion more than it is an idea. Nonetheless, the question is often asked so it should be answered. A nation is akin to … Continue reading

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Neo-Liberalism Through Conservative Eyes…

Madsen Pirie of the Adam Smith Institute has written an elegant, illuminating article on seeing the world through “neo-liberal eyes”. The ASI has embarked on an ambitious attempt to reclaim “neo-liberalism” to denote an optimistic individualism that upholds the virtues … Continue reading

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Why Christopher Hitchens Was a Loser…

Christopher Hitchens will fade into history, for essays are ephemeral and talk shows and talk shows quadruply so. Still, we shall remember him – “we” being those one-time eager and impressionable young men and women who were inspired by his … Continue reading

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What is Vice Signalling?

Once, “subversive” would have been an accusation. Now it is liable to be a compliment. Once heresy was a crime punishable by death. Now, a “heretic” is likely to attract our esteem. Hierarchy still exists, of course, and dogma abounds, … Continue reading

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Against Nazi Aesthetics…

Counter-cultural figures sometimes claim to be attracted to Nazi aesthetics but not Nazi politics. My problem with that is less that this is disingenuous than that I find Nazi aesthetics totally repulsive. While I do not think it unethical to … Continue reading

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Antisocial Liberalism…

Antisocial liberalism combines a belief in liberty as the ultimate end of politics with ignorance of the immaterial functions of collective life. While libertarians might think that an absence of government can exist alongside group identity and ritual, antisocial liberals … Continue reading

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The Strange Death of Movement Conservatism…

By 1989, William F. Buckley was more of a cold warrior than conservative. Once the Soviet Union had collapsed he found himself short of ideas and energy. Assuming, perhaps, that he should remould the conservative movement for the post-communist age … Continue reading

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What is Virtue Signalling?

“Virtue signalling” is a phrase more de riguer among political pundits than “YOLO” was among the youth. Apparently coined by James Bartholomew in the Spectator it has since been deployed by everyone from the Daily Mail‘s professional overexposer Liz Jones … Continue reading

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A Game of Consequences…

Right wingers think they are too nice and so the left always wins. Left wingers think they are too nice and so the right always wins. In part this is due to our belief that the ingroup is pure and … Continue reading

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