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In Defence of Jeremy Corbyn…

On June 8th, the Labour Party is expected to lose. Its loss, indeed, is all but inevitable. The only thing that is in question is the scale of the defeat. A great TV series could be made about the leadership … Continue reading

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Politics Sucks…

I’m sick of politics. I’m sick of elections. I’m sick of referendums. I’m sick of reselections. I’m sick of deselections. I’m sick of negotiations. I’m sick it of it all and yet I’ll keep consuming every scrap of news that … Continue reading

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On Inevitablism…

The socialist author and academic Mark Fisher, who died earlier this year, wrote an engaging little book called Capitalist Realism which argued that neoliberalism has sustained itself by propogating the belief that there is no alternative to its ideas and … Continue reading

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On the Domestication of Victims…

The victim is a romantic figure in Western thought: Gandhi, resisting British imperialism; Mandela, enduring South African apartheid; Aung San Suu Kyi, surviving her house arrest in Burma. We admire victims who are weak in a material sense but have … Continue reading

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On Judging Dead Rulers…

Fidel Castro was perhaps the best communist. This is, of course, to damn him with faint praise but it is nonetheless worth noting that he murdered thousands rather than millions of his people and never drove his nation to economic … Continue reading

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Defend Jeremy Corbyn! (On One Point, At Least…)

I think my record of creatively insulting Jeremy Corbyn and his politics speaks for itself, suffice to say that I would rather be exiled to the loneliest and coldest little enclave of Siberia than see him droning on about Palestine … Continue reading

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Against “Liberty”, “Democracy, “Independence” et cetera…

Among the worst vices of the modern left is a tendency to promote as sacred concepts that are of little or no essential worth. A hundred starving men are “equal” but this is no consolation. Votes for Hitler were “democratic” … Continue reading

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