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In Reluctant Defence of Boris Johnson…

Must I defend Boris Johnson? Very well, I must. Once, as an insufferably zealous progressive, I disliked Boris from the left – even contributing to a blog called “Boris Watch” that I, a non-Londoner, somehow felt compelled to pronounce from. … Continue reading

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The Strange Death of Movement Conservatism…

By 1989, William F. Buckley was more of a cold warrior than conservative. Once the Soviet Union had collapsed he found himself short of ideas and energy. Assuming, perhaps, that he should remould the conservative movement for the post-communist age … Continue reading

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Six Things Intelligent People Should Talk About Less…

Do not misunderstand me. The following are not things one should not talk about. These are things that should be talked about in their time and place, yet can monopolise our conversations like a party-goer finishing other people’s jokes. 1. … Continue reading

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Against Liberal Triumphalism…

“Civilisation,” claims Nick Cohen, “Came from the battering that religion took from the Enlightenment.” For liberal triumphalists like Mr Cohen, culture and science sprang into existence around the time that Voltaire first poked fun at faith. Before this, Britain was … Continue reading

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On the Failings of Unrepresentative Democracy…

We live, as all sixth form politics students will know, in a representative democracy, where elected officials rule on our behalf. One might think that they represent our opinions but few things could be more incorrect. It is a fact … Continue reading

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On “Doing What ISIS Wants”

It has become common to charge one’s political opponents with “doing what ISIS wants”. This is based on the idea that one should always act against the ambitions of an enemy. Here are two reasons to doubt this… An enemy’s … Continue reading

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Eastern Europe and Immigration…

In the past few days my Facebook feed has been crammed with English friends demanding that the borders be opened and Polish friends demanding that they be closed. The difference is striking. Why do Eastern Europeans not want to accept … Continue reading

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