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On Being An Uncharismatic Christian…

For some people, growing up as a Catholic makes one feel bad for enjoying oneself. Growing up as a Charismatic Christian can make one feel bad for not enjoying oneself. I hate people exaggerating the trials of their youth. Sometimes … Continue reading

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Reverend Fraser and the Cult of Giles…

I feel sure that Giles Fraser, the Church of England priest and Guardian columnist, is a nice man: a loving husband, a devoted father and a loyal friend. But with such authority it is not enough to be nice, and … Continue reading

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More Fun With New Atheists…

More astonishingly unintentional new atheist humour comes from the biologist Jerry Coyne. Coyne is known for reviewing books he has not read and now attacks a conference that has yet to take place. Not only is Coyne’s hostile judgement based … Continue reading

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