Poems and Prose

London”, 3.6.17

Drinks in June”, 3.6.17

Europe”, 28.2.17

This Be Another Verse”, 7.2.17

Two Polish Poems”, 20.1.17

Poem For a Dead Ideologue”, 2.1.17

Chojnice”, 11.12.16

The Siberian Ice March”, 22.10.16

Two Poems About Brave People”, 11.8.16

Words on the Death of Fr Jacques Hamel”, 26.7.16

Three Poems About Poets”, 20.7.16

Abuse”, 16.6.16

Three Polish Poems”, 14.3.16

A G.I. on the Atlantic, Travelling West”, 25.8.15

Wreckage #2”, 6.8.15

Wreckage #1”, 5.8.15

Premises”, 4.8.15

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