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The Brexit Delusion…

I live on continental Europe and have no plans to return to Britain so there is a small but real personal risk, for me, attached to “Brexit”. Nonetheless, even behind the red, white and blue veil of ignorance I have what I believe are … Continue reading

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The Terrible Reality of Piers Morgan…

Insulting Piers Morgan is like whipping a masochist. He welcomes it. He thrives off it. It actually makes him stronger because he gets the attention that makes him successful. The only effective way to beat Piers would be to stop … Continue reading

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The comfort of eternity In darkness. Neverending rest. Unconscious to the fire, the cries, The coldness of a silent breast. The simple bliss of ignorance We treasured. Which we now describe And measure in the poetry Of pleasures it would … Continue reading

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Jacobin Excuses Stalinism…

Being “anti-communist” feels like being nostalgic for a time I never knew. For all of the problems that I have with the economic and social ambitions of the modern left they bear little resemblance to those of Mr Marx. Loud … Continue reading

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