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This House Cannot Stand…

It is often feared that multiculturalism divides native populations from ethnic minorities, but it is becoming increasingly clear that there is multiculturalism within native populations – and that those populations are truly divided. Across Europe, liberal and left-wing voters have … Continue reading

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Retraunt H2, B4, S6 Food you can feel… Welcome to Retraunt, your Earth outside of Earth. Here we serve meals you can see, smell, touch and taste. All our dishes are arranged by hand, intended to be eaten according to … Continue reading

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Works by DeFranco “Incest and the Rationalisation of Taboo”, Ethos (2015) “The Subjective and Objective in Alex Rosenberg”, Ethos (2016) “Bostrom, Yudkowsky and Moralism in AI Research”, Alternative Futures (2017) “The Concept of “Value” in Liberal Humanism”, Progressus (2018) “Anthropocentrism … Continue reading

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On Avoiding Stereotypes…

Manchester police have apologised after a fake suicide bomber taking part in a training exercise shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he made his “attack”. Activists denounced this as an unacceptable display of rank stereotyping. Somehow omitted from media reports was the … Continue reading

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