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Maybe I should visit Paris. Potter up the Champs-Élysées. Marvel at King Louis’ palace. Drink wine in an outside cafe. Maybe I should visit London. Wander round Westminster Abbey. Take a shopping tour of Camden. Hitch a ride with a … Continue reading

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The Provocateur and the Pederasts…

Milo Yiannopoulos was a speeding car, destined to crash. The British controversialist has spun into his biggest scandal yet, as he has been charged with excusing paedophilia. Specifically, he claimed that older men sleeping with “sexually mature 13-year-olds” might be … Continue reading

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Colin Wilson, Thinking at Angles…

“[Colin] Wilson,” Clive James wrote, “Can’t think straight and that’s that”. I agree. Wilson, a novelist, critic, philosopher and esotericist, had no talent for rational thought. If he suspect that something was true, be it the existence of ghosts or … Continue reading

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A.C.’s Failings…

I am really enjoying the radicalisation of the once-complacent, smug and optimistic humanist elite. Seriously, AC Grayling’s thunderous tirades against “Brexit” are admirably spirited and engaging. True, they are still full of absurdities. Take this: Too many people were disenfranchised: … Continue reading

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Jonathan Bowden, a Force of Nature…

Though the alternative right largely consists of young men, it draws on the ideas of old men and, indeed, dead men: long dead, like Friedrich Nietzsche and Julius Evola, and more recently dead, like Samuel Francis, Joe Sobran and an … Continue reading

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This Be Another Verse…

It fucks us up, our DNA. That is the sad but honest truth. It makes our hair turn thin and grey And sends our lipids through the roof. It makes maths lessons wearisome, And gives us dreadful allergies It tortures … Continue reading

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The Rise of the Right and the Triumph of Rhetoric…

My new article for Quillette… Naïve liberals speak of the “marketplace of ideas,” suggesting that free and open public discourse allows people to judge theories before arriving at the truth. Yet are customers good judges of products? Often no. Salespeoples’ … Continue reading

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You Can be Alternative, Controversial And Bad…

Ron Unz is an interesting man. From his public writings you would think him an idiosyncratic liberal. His most famous essays have argued that Mexican immigration does not exacerbate crime and that attempts to explain racial differences in cognitive performance … Continue reading

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On Pinkglossianism

Steven Pinker is not wrong to say that some things have got better – or even that some things are getting better. We live longer. We have more food. We have more medicine. We have more free time. We have … Continue reading

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