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This Be Another Verse…

It fucks us up, our DNA. That is the sad but honest truth. It makes our hair turn thin and grey And sends our lipids through the roof. It makes maths lessons wearisome, And gives us dreadful allergies It tortures … Continue reading

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Two Polish Poems…

Gdansk After gold and suits of armour We find simple unframed posters Bearing empty, bomb-torn ruins In stark and spectral black and white. We know these streets. We wandered them And lunched beneath their stately walls And arches that seemed … Continue reading

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Poem For A Dead Ideologue…

Hindsight, that old master, Helps me size you up and lecture On your faults and on your sins And everything you should have been. I know every mistake: The chances that you didn’t take; The doomed hypotheses; The errors and … Continue reading

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Doggerel on the Death of Queen Elizabeth

The Queen is ill on New Year’s Day. Perhaps the year will be her last. A military band will play, And flags will be flown at half mast. Some will mutter songs and poems. Some will cry and hug their … Continue reading

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Tip-toeing round the foreign church I take a timid photograph And wander up the aisles in search Of interesting epitaphs. I gaze about the gold and brass Statues of angels, Christ and kings And look around chromatic glass To see … Continue reading

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The Siberian Ice March

Ice, like fire, scorches skin. It stiffens men like ash. We will die clumsily With our sins unredeemed. Spring will melt our graveyard. We will sink like Russia. There will be no summer. These are lands of winter. Did I … Continue reading

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Moral Philosopher

Like Cook or Columbus You discovered virtue. Your civilisation. Your own America. You have built a palace. You have taken slave girls. You have built an empire Across beautiful sands.

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