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The comfort of eternity In darkness. Neverending rest. Unconscious to the fire, the cries, The coldness of a silent breast. The simple bliss of ignorance We treasured. Which we now describe And measure in the poetry Of pleasures it would … Continue reading

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Beauty And Despair In The Poems Of Philip Larkin…

The English poet Philip Larkin died thirty-two years ago but was perhaps England’s last truly popular poet. It is not surprising that he is remembered. His poems are accessible, in style and in theme, compared to his modern successors. They … Continue reading

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Killing Children

In his arms, a rabbit Twitches like a time bomb. In his eyes, unreason. In the air, astriction. I have trouble breathing. Bosnians are herded, Stalked by Serbs. Today’s dogs. Worse behaved. Not a job. History said, “It’s time.” The … Continue reading

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Two Cumbrian Poems

End of the Summer Autumn has come early: Drawing clouds like curtains; Saying, in chilly winds, “Too late”; imposing rain. We slip off up the hill, Admire ignorant sheep And watch a raven fall. I stumble over rocks And think … Continue reading

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Four Poems About Cursed Soldiers

Freedom Each morning is a shock. I wake alarmed and watch The birds fly lazily. It is a blessed day. A blessed day for me. Prayer Requests Pray for me, Father. Pray for us. Pray for our bullets and our … Continue reading

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We are not truly brave. Not yet. Around the graves, We gather up the leaves And let ourselves believe In good orderly death. Savouring Beckett’s breath We think are the trees, Which quaver in the breeze.

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Someone wrapped lights around the trees To make the streets more beautiful For tourists relishing their weeks And lovers savouring their lives. Now, like hopeful, pathetic kids In the red glare of police cars, They shine with feeble innocence And … Continue reading

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