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We are not truly brave. Not yet. Around the graves, We gather up the leaves And let ourselves believe In good orderly death. Savouring Beckett’s breath We think are the trees, Which quaver in the breeze.

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Recent Writings…

Three more pieces for Bombs and Dollars: What Good is Going to University Anyway? Israel, Eastern Europe and an Alliance of Nationalisms Inheritance Tax and the Overton Window

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The Curious World of Owen Jones…

*Cross posted from Bombs and Dollars* Owen Jones is one of the most successful writers in Britain yet he does not actually like writing. “I never wanted to be a writer,” he has written, “I don’t particularly enjoy writing, in … Continue reading

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Recent Writings…

I wrote four articles for different websites: “In Praise of Anonymity” for Quillette. “Reading Habits of the Anorexic” for I Am 1 In 4. “Are “Never Trumpers” Still Conservative” and “Defining Conservatism for the 21st Century” for Bombs and Dollars.

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