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The Terrible Reality of Piers Morgan…

Insulting Piers Morgan is like whipping a masochist. He welcomes it. He thrives off it. It actually makes him stronger because he gets the attention that makes him successful. The only effective way to beat Piers would be to stop … Continue reading

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The Passion of the Kriss…

One thing I will give Sam Kriss is that he can write. His prose can be elegant; his phrases original and his invective perversely amusing. Take this passage from his pre-election article endorsing Jeremy Corbyn… Britain is not just sliding … Continue reading

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All His Failings Exposed…

It is hardly worth becoming agitated by the splenetic biologist and blogger PZ Myers’ bafflingly spiteful and woefully ignorant screed against Effective Altruism and theorists of existential risk. Who could be convinced by such blatant bare assertions and such obvious … Continue reading

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