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The Forgotten Virtues of Behaving Like an Adult…

It goes without saying that I detest the politics of Jeremy Corbyn and Ken Livingstone, and that my delight in their electoral embarrassment will only be restrained by David Cameron’s success. Having said that, I am tired of the endless … Continue reading

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In Reluctant Defence of Boris Johnson…

Must I defend Boris Johnson? Very well, I must. Once, as an insufferably zealous progressive, I disliked Boris from the left – even contributing to a blog called “Boris Watch” that I, a non-Londoner, somehow felt compelled to pronounce from. … Continue reading

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Ménage à Terrible…

Laura Smith, in the Guardian, romanticises the open relationship of Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir. She approvingly quotes the author of The Second Sex‘s claim that it was the “one undoubted success in my life” and concludes that “there … Continue reading

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What is Vice Signalling?

Once, “subversive” would have been an accusation. Now it is liable to be a compliment. Once heresy was a crime punishable by death. Now, a “heretic” is likely to attract our esteem. Hierarchy still exists, of course, and dogma abounds, … Continue reading

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Give Me the Damn Marshmallow…

Death of a Gentleman is a good film exploring the corruption of the International Cricket Council. Money-mad officials from the big three nations – India, England and Australia – have been throttling test cricket in their own self-interest. It is … Continue reading

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The Young Pundit…

The young pundit is an undistinguished creature. Aged between 20 and 35, he or she has little or no experience outside of media and politics. He or she studied at one of our better universities but now spends more time … Continue reading

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