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Nod Words…

“Nod words” inspire approval from one’s ideological allies not because they illuminate or improve your arguments but because they have pleasing implications. For progressives these include “equality”, “progress”, “compassion”, “diversity”, “cooperation” and “deconstruct”. For conservatives these include “tradition”, “imagination”, “order”, … Continue reading

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A Frenchman Talks About Sex, With Predictable Results…

The Guardian writes on a history of sex by the French psychiatrist Philippe Brenot. It is astonishing how much garbage one can promote if it has modish implications. Consider this: In the animal kingdom, Brenot argues, there is none of … Continue reading

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In Praise of Bias…

We sometimes talk as if “bias” is a bad thing. It can be. If I want to answer a purely factual question, for example, bias may be an impediment. Yet the fact that we are biased suggests that it has … Continue reading

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Tabloid Trash…

It is tempting for people with populist pretensions to defend the tabloid press as the voice of the working man. Sadly, if this were true the working man would be a fool. I have nostalgic memories of tabloid newspapers dating … Continue reading

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You Don’t Have to be a Hippy to Care About Animals…

I am a human exceptionalist for the simple reason that human beings are exceptional. It is a tragedy if an animal dies, for example, mostly if human emotions were affected. The animal had no dreams or even plans. It had … Continue reading

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What is Patriotism?

Even by asking the question we display a cold, abstract quality in ourselves, for it is an emotion more than it is an idea. Nonetheless, the question is often asked so it should be answered. A nation is akin to … Continue reading

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The Siberian Ice March

Ice, like fire, scorches skin. It stiffens men like ash. We will die clumsily With our sins unredeemed. Spring will melt our graveyard. We will sink like Russia. There will be no summer. These are lands of winter. Did I … Continue reading

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The Migration Mess…

I feel for the migrants who arrived in Britain this week. They smiled and waved for the cameras, happy to see a warm welcome, unaware of the hatred their faces would inspire. Maybe some of them are lying about their … Continue reading

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The Slave-Owning Sex Pest and A Note on Self-Criticism…

However moral our outward behaviour is, our internal monologue features more dark, disturbing impulses or reflections. Whatever the moral code of this or that society, behind its wall its law and principles will be broken. Man is imperfectible. We are … Continue reading

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Nick Land on Fascism…

The absurd thesis of neoreaction used to be that America was a communist country. Now, it seems, according to Nick Land, America, and Britain, and, I guess, the whole of Europe are fascist. Defining fascism has, of course, been controversial … Continue reading

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