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Out of Touch Conservatives…

Right wingers often mock the left for how removed its values are from the concerns of common men. What Corbyn’s success has proved (as, to some extent, did Trump’s) is that right wing values can also be out of touch. … Continue reading

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An Election Post-Mortem…

Solipsistically I feel compelled to ask myself what I got right and wrong about the election. I was mostly wrong. At first, of course, I thought Corbyn was bound to lose and that the only questioned that remained was the … Continue reading

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Someone wrapped lights around the trees To make the streets more beautiful For tourists relishing their weeks And lovers savouring their lives. Now, like hopeful, pathetic kids In the red glare of police cars, They shine with feeble innocence And … Continue reading

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Drinks In June

Summer is almost as its peak. The air is warm, and fresh, and clear. Outside the bar we sit, and speak, And laugh, and sip our pints of beer, And talk about our future plans, And where we want to … Continue reading

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An Election Pre-Mortem…

Corbyn’s loss, I wrote last month, is “all but inevitable”. “The only thing that is in question is the scale of the defeat.” Well, I still suspect that he will lose but the result is very much in question. How … Continue reading

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