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On Being An Uncharismatic Christian…

For some people, growing up as a Catholic makes one feel bad for enjoying oneself. Growing up as a Charismatic Christian can make one feel bad for not enjoying oneself. I hate people exaggerating the trials of their youth. Sometimes … Continue reading

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Of Dennetts and Dawkinses…

Daniel Dennett celebrates the tenth birthday of Richard Dawkins’ assemblage of atheistic arguments, The God Delusion… Four books appeared with a few months of each other a decade ago: Sam Harris’s The End of Faith, my Breaking the Spell, Richard … Continue reading

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Towards an Inquisitive Agnosticism…

The court has heard arguments, impassioned and intemperate, both for belief and nonbelief in the existence of God. On one side we can count such notable apologists as William Lane Craig, John Lennox, David Bentley Hart and Edward Feser. On … Continue reading

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