Essays and Reviews


The Irrepressible IntellectualMichael Scammell’s Koestler and the responsibilities of thinking men.
Glum Prophecies of the LaschChristopher Lasch’s The Culture of Narcissism and why it is more relevant than ever.
Oakeshott and ScepticismCaution, contentment and creativity in Michael Oakeshott’s Rationalism in Politics.
Nightmares of an Eminent PersonRay Monk’s Bertrand Russell: The Ghosts of Madness and the unreasonable “rationality” of a progressive.
The Abstract and the ActualMurray Rothbard’s Egalitarianism as a Revolt Against Nature and Other Essays and absurd abstractions of libertarianism.
Captive MindsCzesław Miłosz’s The Captive Mind and totalitarian temptations.
Truth, Imagination and Imperfection” Pierre Ryckmans’ defence of culture.


Conservatism and CapitalismOn an essentially uneasy relationship.
Ideology and ScaleThe importance of smallness.
Look Not For a Golden Age But For Gold In an Age Against utopian nostalgia.
Against Oikophobia” In defence of England.
Against Liberal Triumphalism Contra the Enlightenment supremacists.


Orwell Against Modernity Orwell’s conservatism.
Christopher Hitchens RememberedThe memoirs and work of a public intellectual.
Human Nature Contra Ayn RandAgainst the objectivists.


The Perils of Being an Intellectual OutlawDoing contrarianism well.
Towards an Inquistive Agnosticism, God, religion and me.
On Middlebrow Epistemology A decline in epistemic standards.
Seven Signs of Bad Conspiracy TheoriesPlus, Pizzagate.


On “Getting Old”Adulthood in the 21st century.
Getting Rid of Books A sad responsibility.

Current Affairs

Hot Takes for People Who Take Their Takes HotTrump’s triumph and lessons for liberals.
Humanity’s Drug Addiction The impending antibiotic crisis.


The Public School in the Progressive ImaginationOn progressivism as revenge against masters and prefects.
Conservatism and the Case of the Christian DemocratsHow not to maintain a civilised society.
Ménage à Terrible Sartre was a creep.


My Dislike for SpikedBrendan O’Neill.
How to Succeed in JournalismDan Hodges.

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