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You Can be Alternative, Controversial And Bad…

Ron Unz is an interesting man. From his public writings you would think him an idiosyncratic liberal. His most famous essays have argued that Mexican immigration does not exacerbate crime and that attempts to explain racial differences in cognitive performance … Continue reading

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O’Neill Again…

What is one to say about this ludicrous post? If O’Neill sincerely thinks that the Nazis invading Poland, killing millions of its peopleĀ and razing its cities is equivalent to strengthening its army then he is unhinged. If he is attempting … Continue reading

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The Year of Dead Celebrities…

I would be lying if I claimed to have been affected by the celebrity deaths of 2016. I rarely listened to Bowie, Prince or George Michael. It had been years since I had watched a Gene Wilder film. I had … Continue reading

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How to Succeed in Journalism…

It pains me to think that tens of thousands of young men and women pay tens of thousands of pounds to study journalism. Only one or two of them will ever work in media. Most journalists study PPE at Oxford. … Continue reading

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How Abnormal Journalists Normalise Abnormal Ideologues…

It has struck me there is, contrary to what I suggested in a previous post, an element of “normalisation” that goes on when mainstream journalists interview radical right wing figures. Journalists are abnormally sensitive to expressions of nationalism or traditionalism, … Continue reading

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Tabloid Trash…

It is tempting for people with populist pretensions to defend the tabloid press as the voice of the working man. Sadly, if this were true the working man would be a fool. I have nostalgic memories of tabloid newspapers dating … Continue reading

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“Even the Conservative Peter Oborne…”

Jeremy Corbyn’s re-election as Leader of the Labour Party, Peter Oborne writes, “has vindicated everything he has ever done and said as a man and a politician”. No, it hasn’t. The support of a majority of Britain’s socialist does not … Continue reading

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