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The EU’s Cosmopolitanism Gap….

My new article for Quillette… Senior figures in the European Union are growing impatient with its Eastern members over their refusal to accept refugees. Emmanuel Macron, the new president of France, has threatened sanctions if Poland and Hungary remain stubborn. … Continue reading

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How French Intellectuals Lost Their Faith…

My new piece for Quillette… As the Socialist government of François Hollande slumps into obscurity, the favourites in this year’s French presidential elections are a liberal, Emmanuel Macron, a conservative, François Fillon, and a national conservative, Marine Le Pen. Amid … Continue reading

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The Lukewarm War…

The Cold War, to a great extent a farcical display of bumbling and brutality, was at least about something. The Soviet Union represented nationalisation while the United States defended the free market. The Soviet Union supported dictatorships while the US … Continue reading

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On Normalisation…

Progressives delude themselves into believing that the media have “normalised” nationalist politicians. Andrew Marr, for example, is being attacked for interviewing Marine Le Pen. It is in fact world events that have “normalised” such a politician: once abnormal problems have … Continue reading

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Hot Takes for People Who Take Their Takes Hot…

Much as I felt I would prefer Trump to Clinton, I also called him a boor, a cheat, a liar, an overgrown teenager and a man whose principles were as deeply rooted as tumbleweed, so I am not a cheerful … Continue reading

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The Meaning and Meaninglessness of Brexit…

I don’t vote in British elections because I don’t live in Britain. Even if I did, however, I would have had a tough time choosing between Leave and Remain. The problem with the Leave campaign, I think, is that it … Continue reading

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On Harshness Signalling…

The French “burkini” ban is completely pointless – completely pointless, that is, if taken at face value. It will do nothing to combat Islamic jihadism or Islamic totalism – targeting, I suspect, women from more liberal families than many others … Continue reading

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On Normality…

Even before the killing of Father Jacques Hamel the French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, said that France “is going to have to live with terrorism”. Regular atrocities have become the “new norm”. Imagine, if you will, going back in time. … Continue reading

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Against “Liberty”, “Democracy, “Independence” et cetera…

Among the worst vices of the modern left is a tendency to promote as sacred concepts that are of little or no essential worth. A hundred starving men are “equal” but this is no consolation. Votes for Hitler were “democratic” … Continue reading

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This House Cannot Stand…

It is often feared that multiculturalism divides native populations from ethnic minorities, but it is becoming increasingly clear that there is multiculturalism within native populations – and that those populations are truly divided. Across Europe, liberal and left-wing voters have … Continue reading

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