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A G.I. on the Atlantic, Travelling West…

Wind on unbroken flesh. Sea rail on blistered hands. The growls of wind subside And in the shocking peace Come half-remembered words. What will be for dinner And what will be spoken? Thoughts come like sea-sickness.

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Poland, an Immigrant’s Eye-View…

“Make yourself feel at home.” It is the classic wish extended by a good host to their guest. Note that there is no denial of status. They are still a guest. It is not quite their home. The recipient of … Continue reading

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Decadent Conservatism…

Progressive censoriousness concerning sex, sexuality and multiculturalism has spread along avenues of Western social life to the point that it has aroused new enemies. Where video gamers might have opposed traditionalists who disliked the rampant violence of their entertainment they … Continue reading

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Wreckage #2

1. After a Lie Where did we find the truth? Was it hidden like a dog’s bone Or locked up in a safe? No, we had the truth inside us, Among bold imposters, Two-faced traitors, hello-sayers, Turn-awayers and big, Brooding, … Continue reading

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Wreckage #1

1. Matroyshka You smiled at first. When I began To break you up Your face grew pale. Your eyes were dark. The childhood home I left behind To dust and hymns. Your lips are thin. My hands feel thick And … Continue reading

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Conquest’s First Law…

The historian Robert Conquest died yesterday. One thing he was famous for, as well as writing poems and exposing Soviet tyranny, was his “Three Laws of Politics”: the first of which was “everyone is conservative about what he knows best”. … Continue reading

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Things That Are Bad When Other People Do Them…

There are faults which people tend to recognise as such only when they are manifested in people they dislike. Here are a few examples… Bias – To say that someone has biases is like saying that they have arms and … Continue reading

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I. An Old Home Have we outlived this house of ours? It smells of fresh paint and old damp. Each room is loud with arguments, Except at night, as children sleep. 2. Birds at Sundown Walking across Newlands Valley Into … Continue reading

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Revolutionaries and Reactionaries…

Each committed liberal and each committed socialist should be at least something of a revolutionary. Mannered as such good people might be in their reformism, so extensive are the coercive restraints and traditional norms or hierarchical systems of power and … Continue reading

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