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The EU’s Cosmopolitanism Gap….

My new article for Quillette… Senior figures in the European Union are growing impatient with its Eastern members over their refusal to accept refugees. Emmanuel Macron, the new president of France, has threatened sanctions if Poland and Hungary remain stubborn. … Continue reading

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Theocracy in the UK…

This is a lightly edited version of an essay I wrote in 2012. Some of it might be out of date but I think it is useful. It has long been argued and implied that the threat posed by radical … Continue reading

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The Art of the Hit Piece…

Here are some assertions any leftist would have rightly deplored as irrational, dishonest smears: The Soviet Union opposes free market capitalism. Therefore, Western opponents of free market capitalism are obectively supporting the Soviet Union. Al Qaeda opposes US foreign policy. … Continue reading

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A Hundred Years of Communism…

My essay on communism has been published by Quillette… We must give the Bolsheviks their due. Their success in gaining power was astonishing. A ragtag gang of activists and intellectuals, they seized control of Russia in October, 1917, and defended … Continue reading

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In Praise of the Human Body…

Yesterday I ran my first half marathon in one hour and forty-six minutes. The first sixteen kilometres were tough but fun. There were people cheering. There were kids with water, juice and raisins. There was pathetic thrill of overtaking people. … Continue reading

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Lost Cause Conservatism…

Daniel J. Mahoney reviews a book of conversations with Roger Scruton, and concludes… Near the end of this delightful and instructive book, Mark Dooley notes “Scruton’s reputation is certainly not what it used to be.” He is now a Fellow … Continue reading

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In Defence of Jeremy Corbyn…

On June 8th, the Labour Party is expected to lose. Its loss, indeed, is all but inevitable. The only thing that is in question is the scale of the defeat. A great TV series could be made about the leadership … Continue reading

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