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On Harshness Signalling…

The French “burkini” ban is completely pointless – completely pointless, that is, if taken at face value. It will do nothing to combat Islamic jihadism or Islamic totalism – targeting, I suspect, women from more liberal families than many others … Continue reading

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Moral Philosopher

Like Cook or Columbus You discovered virtue. Your civilisation. Your own America. You have built a palace. You have taken slave girls. You have built an empire Across beautiful sands.

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Getting Rid of Books…

I am on holiday in England, at my parent’s house, and am throwing out some of the old books that I had left with them. I have hundreds here: the result of a childhood and adolescence spent rummaging through charity … Continue reading

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A book is marked: 4.99 (Slightly damaged). I imagine: 4.99 (Total bollocks).

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Superficialities of Style…

In “A Criticism of Life”, the first essay of his spirited, pugnacious and sometimes disagreeable collection In Defence of T.S. Eliot, Craig Raine presents a rousing and convincing case for literature as an act of “measured consideration” that provides “focus, … Continue reading

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A Diversity Paradox…

I was morbidly amused to see, towards the end of a BBC article on the murder of an Ahmadi Muslim by a Sunni Muslim, in Glasgow, for alleged blasphemy, a reference to a spokesman of the Council of Mosques in … Continue reading

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Two Poems About Brave People…

Poem for Szmulek Goldberg and His Girlfriend Rose In the ruined sports hall you danced Amid the rubble. Darkness falls. Still that spirit lights our struggle. Poem for Rita Atria The truth was not enough. Courage was not enough. Belief … Continue reading

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