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I am a writer of stories and poems - published by Every Day Fiction, The London Journal of Fiction, 365 Tomorrows and Det Poetiske Bureau - and a columnist for Quillette, Areo and Bombs & Dollars.

Defending Men From Their Defenders…

Lads. Fellas. Brothers. Men. Put down that six pack of beer. Throw away that football. Lock up those assault weapons. Feminists are here to help. Yes, it might have looked like some of them were hostile to the male sex … Continue reading

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What is Scientism, And Why Is It Bad?

The charge of scientism is both unreflectively made and unreflectively dismissed; wielded by cranks and bores and brushed off by the smug and the superficial. Given this, its meaning, and its significance, is unclear. Some believe, indeed, that it has … Continue reading

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Beauty And Despair In The Poems Of Philip Larkin…

The English poet Philip Larkin died thirty-two years ago but was perhaps England’s last truly popular poet. It is not surprising that he is remembered. His poems are accessible, in style and in theme, compared to his modern successors. They … Continue reading

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New Year (Posting) Resolutions…

A new year is a time for reflection; a time to think about the past, and the present, and the future; a time to cherish what is good and assess what is bad; a time to think about what can … Continue reading

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Killing Children

In his arms, a rabbit Twitches like a time bomb. In his eyes, unreason. In the air, astriction. I have trouble breathing. Bosnians are herded, Stalked by Serbs. Today’s dogs. Worse behaved. Not a job. History said, “It’s time.” The … Continue reading

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Two Cumbrian Poems

End of the Summer Autumn has come early: Drawing clouds like curtains; Saying, in chilly winds, “Too late”; imposing rain. We slip off up the hill, Admire ignorant sheep And watch a raven fall. I stumble over rocks And think … Continue reading

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Giles Coren, Explained…

Some might think that Giles Coren is a lifestyle columnist who writes jokey articles about restaurants, cuisine and the trials of middle age. He is not. “Giles Coren” is in fact a morbid exercise in performance art: a fictitious sociopath … Continue reading

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