The EU’s Cosmopolitanism Gap….

My new article for Quillette

Senior figures in the European Union are growing impatient with its Eastern members over their refusal to accept refugees. Emmanuel Macron, the new president of France, has threatened sanctions if Poland and Hungary remain stubborn.

Why is this? I hope to avoid unduly extending generalisations. The countries of Central and Eastern Europe are all different. All contain multitudes. In Poland, where I am fortunate enough to live, I have met progressives, liberals, libertarians, conservatives, traditionalists and, perversely, given recent history, adherents of communism and national socialists; as well, of course, as many people who hate politics. Nonetheless, it is a matter of undeniable fact that nations of the CEE tend to be less receptive to mass immigration—and, especially, Islamic immigration—than their Western cousins, on the level of elites and on the level of the masses.

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4 Responses to The EU’s Cosmopolitanism Gap….

  1. Simon says:

    I wonder how much of Western discomfort at Eastern European nationalism has to do with it being more similar in character to that exhibited by African, Asian or Latin American countries than the form nationalist sentiment usually takes over here for the exact reasons you outlined (i. e. reaction against colonialist occupation)… which results in a bit of cognitive dissonance for us Westerners, because since Eastern Europeans are white and (mostly) Christians we probably subconsciously expect them to be be more similar to us in cultural outlook than they really are.

    It’s especially shocking to Westerners those instances of when E. Euro nationalist resentment is directed at Asian or Middle Eastern imperial oppressors like Ottoman Turks, Tatars, Mongols etc.

    Would be interesting to see if Irish attitude towards cosmopolitanism/nationalism parallels the Eastern countries, because Ireland is the one Western European EU country to have a similar subject as a colonized country and a somewhat similar relation to the UK as Poland towards Germany/Russia now that we are at it.


  2. Stephen Sasse says:

    A great perspective and exceptionally well written


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